Reduce the spread of germs by eliminating up to 99.9% of harmful germs


Sanitise your daily environment safely and easily

Bactakleen products are specifically designed to help provide safe, immediate and lasting protection to all users against harmful pollutants. This includes our best-selling Ultra Mist Solution which is purpose-built for atmospheric sanitisation.

Plant-based formulation

Specially formulated using herbal ingredients such as Melaleuca Oil (Tea Tree), Rosemary Oil and Salvia Officinalis Oil (Sage) provide for safe and natural antibacterial properties.

Lab tested and proven

Verified by world leading certification companies such as SGS and TÜV, Bactakleen products are stringently tested and proven for safety, efficacy and quality assurance.

Flexible application

From vehicles to homes and offices, Bactakleen products are designed as a synergy of antibacterial treatments to help sanitise your everyday living environment easily.

safeguarding your health and job opportunities

Ridesharing (CPV) operators

Providing peace of mind and comfortable journey to all passengers in a sanitised cabin environment using Ultra Mist Solution.

Food delivery

Helps eliminate lingering smell of greasy food. Also, neutralise damp or musty odour with Ultra Mist Solution and Odour Killer.

Courier services

Offers protection for both courier personnel and recipients with safe sanitisation of vehicle cabin using Ultra Mist Solution.

trusted by local community

Own a Cleaning Business?

Easy to use and straightforward application, Bactakleen brings extra value to services that you already provide by offering an unique sanitising solution for HVAC systems.

Get in touch and find out how Bactakleen can help equip your business with a synergy of sustainable and safe products for automotive, domestic and commercial premises.

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