Bactakleen Odour Killer (200mL)

Bactakleen Odour Killer (200mL)

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Bactakleen Odour Killer works against bacterial, fungal and chemical odours.

Bactakleen Odour Killer is a non-toxic, water-based deodorising spray that neutralises foul odours associated with mould and bacteria. Bactakleen Odour Killer provides an enzymatic solution using citrus extracts to break down unpleasant smell instead of artificial perfume as masking agent.

The natural and refreshing scent does not overwhelm which makes Bactakleen Odour Killer a great option for use as air freshener by spraying in centre of room whenever needed. Ideal for elimination of odours caused by pets, sweat, sports equipment and attire, bathroom, bedding linen and garbage bins.

IMPORTANT: Not intended to be used on therapeutic devices. For external use only. Do not ingest or rub into eyes. In case of eye contact, flush with water. Discontinue if skin irritation occurs. Store in cool and dry place at room temperature.


  • Enzymatic formula for instant results
  • Does not stain surfaces
  • Improves air quality and reduces bad odour
  • Safe, non-toxic and environmentally safe
  • Lab tested and proven by SGS


    • Green Tea Extract
    • Lemon Extract


    • Bactakleen Odour Killer (200mL) x 1 


    • Hard surfaces (bench tops, floors, tables, chairs, bins)
    • Fabric (sofas, curtains, linens)
    • Home (kitchen, bathroom, wardrobe, laundry)
    • Office
    • Vehicle cabins
    • Footwear

    Bactakleen Odour Killer Applications

    WARNING: Purchase and use of this product is pursuant to our Terms and Conditions. Avoid use with other third-party products as it may negate intended effects and cause potential physical damage to property and/or personal injury.