Why do we need Bactakleen antibacterial treatments?

Our daily environment is more polluted than we realise, with harmful contaminants posing as constant threat to our well-being as well as loved ones.

Areas that are most likely to be contaminated by bacteria are common surfaces such as doorknobs, switches, tabletops, escalators, handrails, trolleys and more surprisingly, in the comforts of your home or vehicle.

Not forgetting, mould and mildew buildup usually occurs deep within your air-conditioning system which ultimately affects the air quality that is being circulated. Inhalation of such harmful pathogens can result in dire health issues.

What are Bactakleen antibacterial treatments capable of?

​Bactakleen can help maintain adequate hygiene standard by providing sanitisation of HVAC systems and cabin areas. Bactakleen treatments are proven to eliminate up to 99.9% germs and bacteria without the need for corrosive substances.

In addition to that, Bactakleen treatments also inhibit mould and mildew growth, a generic source of unpleasant odour caused by condensation and high humidity levels.

Does Bactakleen Ultra Mist treatment smell?

Bactakleen Ultra Mist is specially formulated solution using plant-based oil extracts such as tea tree, sage, pine and rosemary. This provides a crisp and natural scent to treated areas. It does not reek of overwhelming fragrance which is often used to mask the recurring issue.

Bactakleen Ultra Mist is designed as such to neutralize unpleasant odours by specifically targeting the source of it with just natural active ingredients.

How long does Bactakleen Ultra Mist treatment last?

Bactakleen Ultra Mist has been laboratory tested by Chemlab (Malaysia) for effectiveness with up to 3 months of lasting result.*

However, it is recommended that homes and offices be treated with Bactakleen Ultra Mist at least once in every 2 months. Common areas with high foot traffic should also be treated regularly to minimize risk of cross-contamination especially in tight spaces such as hallways, waiting area, lobby, meeting rooms etc.

In humid environments, the rate of mould growth can be rapid. Therefore, Ultra Mist treatments for vehicles should be performed on a monthly basis to maintain an optimal hygienic and pleasant journey in a sanitised cabin.

*14 July 2020, based on In-house test method per NIOSH Manual of Analytical Method:0800 in controlled environment.

Is Bactakleen Ultra Mist treatment toxic?

Bactakleen Ultra Mist have undergone SVHC (Substances of Very Hazardous Content) in accordance to the highest of European Standards, with concentrations of tested SVHC found to be less than 0.1% (PASS).

Bactakleen Ultra Mist is non-toxic and safe for the environment. Exposure to humans and pets have no harmful effect due to its natural components. Other Bactakleen antibacterial products include water-based disinfectant which is engineered to bond semi-permanently on surfaces.

How long does Ultra Mist treatment process take?

The Ultra Mist treatment takes an average of 15 minutes per vehicle or 30 minutes per standard cabin area (bedroom, living area, kitchen etc). For large spaces such as conference rooms and church halls, it will require double or triple Ultra Mist treatment sessions to allow adequate coverage.

A standard double-storey house can be completed within 1 hour. However, duration for each application may differ, subject to natural elements and/or conditions of surrounding area.

Do I need to prepare the area or vehicle prior to Ultra Mist treatment?

We only ask that all valuable possessions be removed for security reasons and also items that may be sensitive to moist exposure. Otherwise, it is not necessary to move or cover any furniture or appliance. Bactakleen Ultra Mist Solution is non-corrosive, thus making it a perfect antibacterial treatment for hard and most porous surfaces without leaving any trace of flaky or sticky residue.

For best results, we do recommend that all premises and vehicles be tidied up and any visibly soiled areas should also be cleaned first.

How do I know if the area or vehicle has been treated with Bactakleen?

Naturally, most users start to notice an increase in freshness of recirculated air. This is a common experience especially with newly treated HVAC systems. Bactakleen certificate of sanitisation or window decals are also provided as a visual indication with date proof of treatment.​

How does Bactakleen compare to other antibacterial products?


In the fight against current pandemic situation and other disease outbreaks, many disinfectant products have resorted to utilizing harsh chemicals as substitutes due to supply shortages.

Without proper knowledge and care, many household grade disinfectants with manufactured chemicals can easily pose as health hazard to users with heightened sensitivity or allergies. Other cleaning products when used without proper supervision could also result in damaging delicate surfaces such as leather upholstery.

On the other hand, Bactakleen products are formulated to the safest levels and all work in harmony to provide the best performance. Bactakleen only source safe ingredients in formulation of our non-toxic antibacterial treatments to eliminate the risk of poisoning without reducing its effectiveness against harmful microorganisms.

Bactakleen focuses solely on disinfection products and are stringently tested by certified laboratories to prove its efficacy, with backing of international product liability insurance to prove its safety and performance.

Will my regular cleaning routine affect treated areas?

Most cleaning routine should be fine as Bactakleen products are built to provide  lasting effects. Our antibacterial solutions form a semi-permanent bond upon application which becomes insoluble to provide antimicrobial efficacy.

Most treatments should adhere on surfaces as intended unless abrasive or corrosive methods are applied such as concentrated bleach or other form of cleaning agents.

We do recommend that all users continue to exercise routine cleaning so that hygiene standard of our daily environments are maintained. 

What should we do after Bactakleen treatment session?

We do recommend that all users continue to exercise routine cleaning so that hygiene standards of our daily environments are maintained. 

It may also be worthwhile in setting reminders so that recurring treatments can be arranged in due time. This helps ensure that your well-being, and loved ones too are safeguarded.

Bactakleen continues to source and provide a synergy of treatments in keeping harmful pollutants at bay, not just on contact surfaces but in hard-to-reach places as well.