Why Bactakleen?

Biological contaminants are more common than you think

Do you ever wonder why you always fall sick despite seemingly being in good state of health? Some of the more commonly known biological contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, mould and pollen usually result in poor indoor air quality and often are likely cause of sick days.

The daily environment which you find yourself in, such as offices or even your own home are susceptible to harmful pollutants. Not forgetting, germs and bacteria are found on common surfaces such as door handles, hand rails, faucet taps, tabletops, computer peripherals and switches, just to name a few.

The simple fact remains that no one talks about HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) systems which harbour millions of bacteria and germs that are harmful and is often a catalyst to spread illnesses. The contamination process is mostly aided by the introduction of foreign waste (e.g food and drinks) and also high humidity which encourages mould growth.

Are you suffering from Sick Building or Sick Car Syndrome?

HVAC systems are known to be the main culprit for spreading illnesses. That’s because bacteria and mould grow in dark recesses of our air-conditioning systems which eventually find their way into other microscopic areas. Condensation and dust particles collected on filters provide a perfect breeding ground for such biological contaminants.

Bactakleen Ultra Mist sanitizes HVAC systems by eliminating bacteria and fungi growth.

The Sick Building or Sick Car Syndrome is a direct result of airborne bacteria being recycled through polluted ventilation systems. This poses a great threat to your health and may be exposed to common illnesses such as:

  • Headaches
  • Watery and red eyes
  • Nausea
  • Skin disorders and irritations
  • Fatigue
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Asthma
  • Sinus
  • Diarrhea
  • Insomnia
Commuters who travel on private vehicles or public transport are also subject to Sick Car Syndrome especially during warmer days. Accumulated moisture due to humidity encourage bacterial and mould growth which gets transported into the cabin via airflow output.

All HVAC systems have had this inherent problem for a long time. Until the introduction of Bactakleen Ultra Mist Solution, there has not been a proper solution which provides immediate and lasting results. Since then, we have sourced and lab-tested the best of today’s antibacterial agents to continue provide a synergy of treatments in eliminating harmful microorganisms successfully.

Proven efficacy by international regulators

Bactakleen Ultra Mist Solution's non-toxic proprietary technology is one of the first in the world to provide an adequate solution for hygienic air quality in controlled, recycled airflow environments (air-conditioned indoor areas).

Lab tested by world leading certification companies such as SGS and TÜV, Ultra Mist Solution also conforms to stringent regulatory standards including TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) Disinfection Test (Option B) and EN Standards.

Bactakleen Ultra Mist Solution is certified by Chemlab (Malaysia) for durability. As proven with just 1 treatment, bacteria and mould growth were greatly reduced for a period of up to 3 months, showcasing a lasting performance note by Ultra Mist Solution's natural antibacterial properties.




Time and cost effectiveness

Bactakleen Ultra Mist Solution can be applied easily with just a flick of a switch. By simply powering the Bactakleen Ultra Mist Fog Machine, it releases a steady stream of ultra fine mist which'll get into every nook and cranny of most HVAC systems and enclosed areas. It is also capable of sanitising porous surfaces.

This makes Ultra Mist Solution a highly effective treatment for vehicle cabin, providing a thorough sanitisation and quick turnaround process for auto mechanics, detailing specialists and fleet car managements (e.g. car rental, ridesharing depot etc) who often operate with tight schedules.

Ultra Mist Solution's delivery method saves time and money with each application (fixed 30-second) providing area coverage of up to 30m². Better yet, Ultra Mist Solution comes in a standard 60mL bottle which allows for up to a total of 8 applications!

Trusted globally

Since the introduction of Bactakleen Ultra Mist Solution, recognition of our products and brand have gone from strength to strength. With a global presence in over 52 countries, Bactakleen are fast emerging as one of the most reputable provider for anti-bacterial treatments across a wide range of applications. From HVAC systems to hard surfaces, Bactakleen products are suited for automotive, domestic and commercial cleaning purposes.

For a complete list of international distributor and dealers, please refer to the official Bactakleen website.

Currently, Bactakleen is used at selected service centres for air-conditioning treatment of vehicles and also offered as an additional service for car owners.

Bactakleen Ultra Mist is currently supplied to international car dealerships such as BMW, Honda, Toyota, Land Rover, Jaguar and Mini.

Bactakleen have also previously been engaged by hotel establishments such as Hard Rock Hotel, Sheraton by Marriott, Swiss Garden Hotel and Eastin Hotel for antibacterial treatment of guestrooms and high foot traffic public areas.

Gentle on skin and the environment

Bactakleen Ultra Mist Solution is specially formulated using herbal ingredients such as Melaleuca Oil (Tea Tree), Rosemary Oil and Salvia Officinalis Oil (Sage). With other Bactakleen surface disinfectants comprising mostly aqua-based (water) liquid composition, our products are engineered to perform and bond on surfaces upon drying. It is even safe and effective on porous surfaces such as carpets, curtains and bedding linens.

Dermal test reports by SGS indicate that Bactakleen products do not contain any harmful elements which could otherwise pose as hazardous for the users and environment. This provides for a non-toxic and safe antibacterial solution while maintaining our eco-friendly approach at the same time.

Built for flexible application 

Bactakleen as a synergy of antibacterial treatments can be applied easily in more areas than one such as :

  • Automotive
  • Homes and offices
  • Holiday accommodations
  • Warehouses
  • Education centres
  • Fitness and health centres
  • Cafes, bars and restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Recreational outlets
  • Public transport systems